Student Cards Inspired by CARDSLINGER

Holo-foil CARDSLINGER promo trading cards

My first year as a mentor for #kidsneedmentors has ended. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and got to connect with an amazing Wertheimer Middle School teacher and her students.

Ms. Schwartz classes (52 students) and I connected over flipgrid, where I introduced myself, talked about writing, and led a workshop on character by creating character profiles and a trading card format. We all had a great time, where they got to stretch their writing and art skills.

Fast-forward a few months, I made CARDSLINGER trading cards as a pre-order incentive (more on this later). I can't believe I pulled it off. They really look and feel legit!

promo trading cards

I sent the students some of these cards and an ARC(advance reader copy). They read the book in class, and before school ended for the year, they made their own CARDSLINGER trading cards. Ms. Schwartz sent me the cards...

And they're AMAZING!!!

The letters from Dad is an important plot point. Glad they picked up on it.

A couple of these are so meta!

Food! Certainly, you can't go on a long journey without it.

I love one of them is the fern Shuffle caught on fire!

Ah, Captain and a run of six lemonades. Shuffle loves lemonade, and I guess the students do too.

Hey, there's me! They made me into a card, and I WIN!!!

Zeus seems to be a big hit, probably thanks to the awesome art (by Monica ArmiƱo) on the back of CARDSLINGER's cover.

Everybody loves llamas. Even the spitting ones.


Again, these are all wonderful, special cards. It means a lot to me they took the time, effort, and thoughtfulness to create them. I hope they enjoy my book as much as I do their cards.

Thank you, Ms. Schwarts and students.

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